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Save the Planet Earth by Recycling

"Since there is a fee associated with electronics disposal, you may be tempted to just put these items into the trash. But consider this! It is estimated that Americans throw out enough electronics each year to fill an area one acre in size, to a depth of 3.5 miles! These items contain heavy metals which can leach out when disposed of in landfills, and may eventually contaminate our groundwater supply. Earthbound Recycling accepts all electronic devices for safe disposal."

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Anything that uses a cord or a battery.  (Free drop off except as listed below)

CRT Computer Monitors: $10.00 each

CRT TV's and rear projection TV's of Any Size: 40¢ per pound

Microwave ovens $5.00 each

All other electronics including computer towers and flat panel TV's or flat panel monitors:  Free drop-off


  • A fee of 30 cents per pound, can and all, will be charged.
  • Must be in original containers with label intact.
  • No industrial materials accepted.


Microwave Ovens: $5.00 each

Refrigerators, Freezers & Air Conditioning Units: $20.00 each

Other Appliances: Old stoves, washers, dryers & dishwashers will be purchased by us by the pound (if market allows).

Payment Types Accepted: Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Discover