Earthbound Recycling - Eureka, MO
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Save the Planet Earth by Recycling

EARTHBOUND RECYCLING  accepts the following:


Monday through Saturday: 
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Closed Sundays: 
(Paper & Cardboard drop-off is available 24/7)

PHONE: 636-938-1188

25 Truitt Drive
Eureka, MO  63025

Map of Earthbound Recycling-Purchasing scrap metal for recycling all types of copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, lead and electric motors.

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Free Drop-Off For The Following During Business Hours:

Cell phones, rechargeable batteries, ink jet & laser cartridges, corrugated cardboard and paper.

Paper and Cardboard Can Be Dropped Off For Free 24/7:

CLEAN:  Newspaper, corrugated cardboard, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office and school papers, envelopes (with and without windows), hard cover and paperback books, phone books, chipboard (cereal, soda and beer boxes). 

No cartons that had liquid in them.  No paper towels or tissue.  No wax coated boxes.

Books:  We buy non-fiction books that are new enough that they have a bar code on the back.(no encyclopedias)

Scrap Metal Recycling (We Purchase)

Electronics Recycling (Fees May Apply)

  • Anything that uses a cord or a battery
  • CRT Computer Monitors (fee)
  • CRT & rear projection TV's  (fee)
  • Computer Towers
  • Flat Panel TV's or Monitors (free drop-off)

Paint & Household Chemical Recycling (Fee Applies)

  • Interior and exterior house paint.